Ma Wee Book O' Clarty Secrets

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It's time tae git scribblin' in yer ain Wee Book, yer wee day tae day journal o' thochts - guid an' nae sae guid.

It's no' thit yer secret thochts are maukit or mingin' or boggin' (well, mebbes sumtimes, eh? Sssshh), it's mair thit a' thit stuff thit's racin' an' chasin' an' thumpin' 'roond inside yer napper is lik' yer Da's kilt socks rockin' roon the tumblie dryer. It's a' jist wan muckle great fankle, mebbes wi' a pair o' breeks an' a stray semmit thrown intae the mix. Until it's a' straightened oot, ye cannae mak' sense o' it!

Weel, let this Wee Book help ye mak' sense o' it a'. Unfankle yer fankle!